Call for CCIVS Development Officer

Are you a dynamic person who believes in international volunteering as a tool for selfdevelopment and social transformation? Do you like to solve organisational challenges? Do you have organisational development experience in an international context?

If this is of interest to you, we invite you to apply for the CCIVS Development Officer Role.


Founded in 1948 The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) is a non-governmental, non-profit making international organisation (INGO) working for the development of voluntary service worldwide. CCIVS connects and empowers 188 organisations, promoting and advocating for International Voluntary Service and its values locally and globally it acts as a link to
establish relations between the members and international institutions such as the EU, different UN agencies, or foundations. The CCIVS network creates campaigns and actions based on the idea that working together voluntarily on a concrete and meaningful task is the most effective way of creating international friendship and understanding, paving the way for social transformation and long-lasting peace.

CCIVS actions focus on:

  • Networking and International Representation: CCIVS organises inter-regional projects of IVS organisations, global meetings and participates in institutional forums and high level meetings (UN, INGOS, public and private stakeholders) to defend the priorities of
    the International Voluntary Service Movement.
  • Training and Capacity building: Trainings for volunteers, leaders, trainers, and staff ofvIVS organisations to develop the organisational capacities of members.
  • Communication and campaigns: CCIVS puts IVS organisations and other institutions into contact and provides information, materials and tools. Promotion of campaigns to raise visibility and strengthen the work of IVS organisations.

JOB TITLE Development Officer

Short description of the position

After 70 years, The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service – CCIVS is undergoing a reorganisation process. The Development Officer (DO) is responsible for, leading and overseeing the strategic change programs that align with the key mission and purpose of CCIVS. Specifically, they will be responsible for setting up the office in Estonia, and continuing leading the transition process to a more horizontal and self-managed team structure whilst overseeing the general team coordination and focusing on the development of the network itself.

Location of the Position

Currently, the office is located in Paris, France where the Administrative Officer and the Project Coordinator work, the Director is working remotely from home and a freelance Communication Support person is based in a member organisation in Hungary. We
will register and open an office in Estonia which will become the central office and main workplace for the CCIVS staff while the Paris office will become a hub focusing on UNESCO collaboration projects.

The Director will be leaving in the course of this year and will ensure the handover process to the new Development Officer and the team.

The CCIVS Development Officer (DO) will be employed in the first stage by our Estonian member organisation ESTYES and will work from their office based in Tallinn.


  • develop the new CCIVS office in Estonia including taking care of its legal registration and administrative obligations;
  • continue to support and guide the staff transition process to a horizontal and self-managed team structure;
  • ensure a good organisational functioning and management and foresee the necessary coordination where needed;
  • oversee the structural grants CCIVS is receiving and make sure a proper followup is happening;
  • develop the necessary tools and procedures to guarantee the proper follow-up and evaluation of all CCIVS work, working with the team and contributing actively to the transparency and good management of CCIVS;
  • ensure a good use of the human and financial resources available and actively look for new sources of funding to ensure the functioning of the organisation;
  • maintain and consolidate relations with existing members, funders and institutions and actively engage in expanding the network relations;
  • ensure good communication and cooperation with the CCIVS Executive Committee.


We are looking for a dynamic individual who

  • supports the aims and values of CCIVS and who believes in international voluntary service as a tool to promote a culture of peace and social transformation;
  • has at least 2 years’ experience in developing a trans-national or international organisation/NGO;
  • has developed leadership competences;
  • has demonstrated knowledge of and experience in financial management, including budgeting and fundraising;
  • has good intercultural communication skills and is able to work with volunteer-driven organisations as well as with more formal institutions;
  • has an excellent working knowledge of English;
  • is able to work independently as well as in an internationally, diverse and remote team;
  • is stress resilient and ready to work long and flexible hours, when necessary.

It is desirable that you

  • have a strong affinity with volunteering but are also able to network with other organisations and partners around diverse issues that are important for the network;
  • are eager to learn and not afraid of setting up new initiatives;
  • have a working knowledge of Estonian (as the hosting country of the new office).
  • Other UN official languages are welcomed, especially French and Spanish


  1. The Development Officer is directly responsible to the Executive Committee and through them to the General Assembly of CCIVS. An EC member will supervise the Development Officer on behalf of the Executive Committee.
  2. The Development Officer will be based in the premises of ESTYES and will initially hold a working contract with ESTYES (a member organisation of CCIVS) in Tallinn, Estonia. Travel for meetings, conferences, seminars, and project visits can be expected.
  3. It is a full-time appointment. The working hours are 40 hours per week according to local legislation. Working hours are flexible.
  4. The Development Officer will be expected to participate on occasion in evening, week-end and even longer residential meetings, conferences, training courses, etc.
  5. Annual leave consists of 2.33 days per month according to the legislation (i.e., 28 working days for a full year of effective employment). Time off in lieu may be taken in mutual agreement with the Executive Committee.
  6. The brut salary is expected to start at 15000€ / year. This may be negotiated based on experience.
  7. There is no subsistence allowance for overnight stays and residential meetings.
  8. There is a 4-month probation period.
  9. The contract of employment can be terminated with 1 month notice (2 weeks during the probation period) by either party.
  10. These “terms and conditions of service” will be submitted to the prospective employee for mutual consent before the appointment is taken up.


All those interested in the CCIVS DO position may apply using the following link
Further details of the application procedure can be obtained from

Closing date for applications 31 March 2021

Position to start 1 June 2021

CCIVS is an equal opportunities employer

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