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The original article is written in Arabic by OMARSAMEER HERE

A group of volunteers from Jordan and Palestine took the initiative to start a voluntary trip for 3 days, visiting refugee camps in Jordan. Omar Sameer is one of the volunteers who participated in this trip; he is currently active in the humanitarian action field in Jordan and Greece. Hence, he tells us his own experience in the Dreams’ School tent in the northern desert in Jordan:

Since my visit to camp x, my vision significantly changed when I witnessed the rough conditions there. I have never thought that this visit would be of noticeable importance. I perceived the importance of education, especially for those who live in a refugee camp.

The colours are dominated all over the place. The innocent eyes that seem very eager to learn and discover, are inhabited by a strange calmness — similar to the one that spreads out and fills a place after a bloody bombing attack.

The silence was broken by subtle smiles during the time I entered from a tiny door to see some students taking an exam. After I got the permission from their teacher, I took some pictures of them while listening to the camp’s story, which is indeed ‘Dreams’ School’.

Student from Dreams’ school during his exam


Dreams’ school was founded by some volunteers by the end of 2017 and it was named by its students. The school looks like a tent, which does not exceed 12 square meters. It consists of 25 students who are between 4 and 15 years old. They all study the same subjects in the same classes regardless of their ages.

Students share high hopes, strong determination, and passion in the class tent. They believe that knowledge will bring them closer to their goal, which is eventually to change their destiny as refugees in the northern desert in Jordan.

Students from Dreams’ School and in the background, there is the school’s tent

Students inside the school, learn side by side despite the differences in their ages

The students were extremely affected by the harsh heat, drought, and the dusty wind on their way from and to Dreams’ School every day. Their summer looks like their winter within wind that destroys their modest tents. However, muddy land did never prevent them from walking constantly every day over 5 kilometres to Dreams’ School.

Students from Dreams’ School who were going back to their camps after the sunset’s hour

Students were leaving after a long day in the Dreams’ school

In Dreams’ School, students have a strong determination that leads them to create miracles. One of the miracles that I personally met is Razan. She does not care about the real situation that drives her to live in these camps, which do not provide her with the minimum level and right to education. Therefore, she decided to leave her family who lives miles away from Dreams’ School, to move, ultimately, to her aunt’s camp, which is relatively close to Dreams’ School.

Razan is standing at the entrance of Dreams’ School

Ziana is a smart girl who is 7 years old. She has some health issues in speech and hearing. She has a vigorous will to learn and study in Dreams’ School Tent despite her right to education for people with special needs. Nonetheless, she found in teacher X a decent and adequate alternative to her education.

Most of them have lost their parents in the war. Since they are still children, most of them are ambitious with joyful dreams. They are talented and creative, among them those who paint, sign, have the spirit of adventure. Moreover, among them those who dream of obtaining Graduate Studies, design homes with bricks to come true in the future, and finally those who only dream of having a warm hug, games, and boots to warm their fingers during the severe winter.

Teacher X is on the top of creating miracles with the children. She is 29 years old. She did not finish her first year of Arabic literature B.A at University because of the war. She became a volunteer teacher for one year in one of the largest refugee communities in northern Jordan. She got married and came to camp X and contributed in establishing Dreams’ School Tent, which began with some pens and notebooks that were not enough for half of the students.

It was not easy for her to teach all the subjects to all the students. Nevertheless, she worked very hard to improve her skills until she completed her self-education though some educational subjects and books on her own.

This teacher has a prominent message, which is, according to her, a moral message full of human principles. A message that is evidently embedded in the students, in their humility, kindness, humanity, and their obsessive will to help despite the lack of possibilities.

Omar’s interview with teacher X:

One of the reasons that drives this teacher to volunteer in Dreams’ School is her passion in working with children. Volunteering in this school is considered, for her, as the sacred human work that she wants to do constantly. In addition, volunteering made her fully aware of the suffering, loss, and emptiness that dominate these children.

According to her, without hope and will, these children would not be able to take one-step forward. Moreover, she would like to help and see them grow to be of benefit. Her dream is for these students to finish their studies, see them all at universities, and succeed despite this horrific situation.

She said, “Dreams’ school means everything to my life, it made me back to life …”

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