We have a message. We are a multitude of voices. We are bloggers on human rights – BloggeHRs. 26 human beings who care and create content about human rights.

This is an intercultural, collaborative magazine aimed at discussing media, human rights and peace.

We met for the first time in Hollókő, Hungary, in September 2017 for an intercultural training course.

In this blog you will find contributions about women rights, immigrants, refugees, identities and the environment. These are our creative efforts to cast a spotlight on the current global challenges. We are creating contemporary digital content, including videos, photos, articles and illustrations.

Without dreamers and visionaries, peace wouldn’t stand a chance.

Quality Standards

The content we post on this blog is driven by the desire of all participating bloggers to grow in their media, journalism and digital skills. We define the following quality and ethical standards for our own work:

  • We are looking for universal messages.
  • We create content that is personal.
  • We respect the dignity of our subjects.
  • We work to avoid media bias and never work without the consent of our subjects.
  • We create within recognizable digital media genres.
  • We use established creative techniques (storytelling, mise-en-scene, simplicity) in all digital media.
  • We attempt to communicate a clear message.
  • We work with different modalities (audio, visual, text).
  • We embrace concept development and research as a key stages in production.
  • We want to viewer to engage with the stories.
  • We use each others’ feedback to improve quality.
  • We seek collaborations with like-minded bloggers.