Apraajita – I will not give in

Traditionally and culturally, India has followed patriarchal social system where men hold the power and women are mostly excluded from it. They are not involved in decision making process, are considered weaker to men, do not get share in family property and are first to compromise due to social pressure. With aim of encouraging active citizenship and youth empowerment across villages around Himachal Pradesh, Ruchi has partnered with “Amar Ujala,” a local newspaper, to start a campaign which focuses on creating awareness of specific issues among teenage girls and on increasing their involvement in the society.

As part of the campaign, Ruchi is visiting two Secondary Schools each month and are delivering sessions specifically focused on women/girl rights, self defense, career counseling along with health and nutrition awareness. One of the aims of the campaign is to make girls feel less vulnerable, boosting their confidence in order for them to overcome social limitations and exploretheir full potential where they feel less dependent and more actively involved in the society. Through these sessions, we want girls, specially in villages, to stand up and demand their rights rather than accept decisions due to social pressure.

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