AJOV Meeting with Paul Gomis, Representative & Head of Office UNESCO – Mozambique

Concerned with the actual tendencies of erosion around the Island of Mozambique, AJOV board members namely, Eltimim Luxo (General Coordinator), Arone Soiane (Deputy Coordinator) and Gisela Ipercia (Programmes Coordinator) met Paul Gomis, Representative of UNESCO – Mozambique on Thursday, June 6 at UNESCO’s office under World Heritage Conservation which aims at developing practical activities around the Island of Mozambique that are meant to reverse and conserve the World Heritage. UNESCO’s representative in Mozambique congratulated AJOV for this project stating that, it is his pleasure to support AJOV’s Camp under the coverage of UNESCO France.

In addition, it is a camp that falls under UNESCO’s area of intervention or rather, objectives. AJOV’s staff also took the opportunity to highlight that, apart from UNESCO France support, the campaign is also mentored by CCIVS under UNESCO’s principals. With this Camp the organisation also aims at sparking interest and awareness among the local community, to promote sensitivity, care and respect for the conservation and protection of World Heritage sites.

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