Ahero Resource Center

CIVS Kenya is a community development organization fighting poverty through various Volunteering and Community Development programs in Kenya.
Volunteering with CIVS Kenya provides you with the chance to share your skills and make a difference. They offer Short Term, Long Term and weltwärts volunteer projects.
Their Community Development Program focuses on the areas of Food Security, Water & Sanitation, Vulnerable Children & HIV/AIDS, Good Governance and Emergency Relief and thus improves the lives of the most vulnerable community members.

What is the project about?

The Ahero Resource Center, located in an area devoted to agriculture in West Kenya, is a “one-stop-shop” offering a variety of services to the local community. It follows an innovative integrated socio-economic development approach, which aims at providing resources and solutions to the challenges of the local population. The initiative is supported by Nyando CBO, a  non-profit, community-driven organization which was established in 2009, and by CIVS Kenya, a member of the IVS movement.

What human rights and specific issues does the project address?

Thanks to a decade of rapid growth, Kenya has recently acquired lower-middle-income status. However, the increased wealth has not been distributed equally among all Kenyans, and more than one third of the population still lives in poor social and economic conditions.

The Center was created to find solutions to the inadequate food and high levels of hunger in the area, two issues that are connected with the lack of adequate houses and the increased poor living conditions. Furthermore, it tackles the problems caused by the incredible high number of orphans living in the community.

What are the specific actions to tackle these issues?

The Center offers an integrated capacity building and training in sustainable food production to improve food security. Such actions include the cultivation of banana trees and various vegetables, and the creation of a greenhouse for planting tomatoes and offering the opportunity to the community to learn how to carry on with these farming operations. Among its initiatives, the Center provides feeding of orphans and vulnerable children, and solutions to promote the Right to Housing by engaging volunteers in construction and renovation houses during workcamps.

What is the impact of the project?

The Center intends to generate a sustainable impact in the Ahero area. The local community members will be trained on sustainable agriculture and food production, whereas the capacity of the community to access food and shelter will be strengthened. Moreover, peace will be promoted within the community once the members will be able to access affordable food, and when the people who are facing danger are reunited with their families. Finally, 75 orphans and vulnerable children are already in a feeding program, and an additional 150 children will be enrolled in the program depending on the availability of funds.

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