CCIVS builds a global inclusive community of changemakers who contribute to a peaceful, just and regenerative world through International Voluntary Service International Voluntary Service (IVS) is about collaboration between different actors to make projects happen and to obtain change. Volunteers, volunteer organisations, local communities, donors and policy makers are important actors. By supporting the networking of all IVS actors, CCIVS reinforces the social transformation that grassroots members are working on. CCIVS considers volunteers and International Voluntary Service organisations as changemakers who are committed to social change and human rights and who are eager to create lasting change for both the volunteers and the community. CCIVS believes that a peaceful world is based on mutual understanding, building trust and solidarity while embracing each other’s cultural differences. This is achieved through working voluntarily side by side thus fostering participatory and intercultural dialogue and learnings. This leads to more equitable and inclusive social relationships and challenges existing power dynamics and discriminatory practices. Through International Voluntary Service, CCIVS and its members promote the human rights framework as a basis for a just world. We advocate for everyone to live in dignity, be able to take informed decisions and be valued equally – irrespective of gender, skin colour, religion, nationality, age, ability, sexual orientation, social status or political views. CCIVS rejects all forms of repression, violence, abuse, exclusion, discrimination and inequality. The Sustainable Development Goals are a good framework to show how International Voluntary Projects contribute to the global agenda for a sustainable world. Yet, CCIVS adopts a more radical and holistic approach that acknowledges and integrates our interdependent existence, based on a peaceful, cohabitation model with other species and within the planet’s limits. IVS projects support the social, cultural, economic and ecological transition that is needed to build a regenerative and reconciliatory world that promotes a circular-inclusive economic model based on global, social and climate justice.


CCIVS strengthens International Voluntary Service worldwide by connecting and empowering its members, promoting and advocating for International Voluntary Service and its values locally and globally. IVS mission: International Voluntary Service acts as a catalyst for social change within individuals and in communities. Building bridges between people locally and globally while engaging together in meaningful, productive and socially useful voluntary work.


  • Valorising the importance of voluntary work and learning by doing
  • Embracing diversity, openness and intercultural understanding
  • Acting according to the philosophy and principles of nonviolence
  • Striving towards equity, reciprocity and solidarity
  • Fostering cooperation, participation, commitment and engagement from all members
  • Respecting the planet and ensuring wellbeing for all
Valorising the importance of voluntary work and learning by doing:  We commit to empower each other, by believing and engaging in learning by doing, working together for a common cause and valorising voluntary work and volunteering. Embracing diversity, openness and mutual understanding: We believe in accepting others without judgement and recognise the right to dignity and respect of all, regardless of gender, skin colour, religion, nationality, age, ability, sexual orientation, social status, political views and any other possible ground for discrimination. Acting according to the principles of nonviolence:  We strive to live and act in a way which respects and benefits not only oneself, but includes all living and nonliving elements in an integrated, whole Earth system. Striving towards equity, reciprocity and solidarity: We challenge inequality, exclusion and discrimination, by showing solidarity and empathy, appreciating differences while valuing each other equally, thereby critically questioning power relations and working towards equity on all levels. Fostering cooperation, participation, commitment and engagement from all members: We are working together in a cooperative and united way to reach our common goals and achieve significant and lasting impact.  We agree that the active participation of all IVS actors is the way towards change and to having a meaningful impact on society. We strive to be trustworthy, honest, transparent and accountable and make an effort to both send and host volunteers. Respecting the planet and ensuring well being for all:  By focussing on core and immediate environmental issues such as environmental protection and biodiversity, ecosystem restoration, waste reduction, access to clean water, food sovereignty and peaceful cohabitation we seek to reduce our carbon footprint and to raise awareness about the limits of the planet ensuring well being for all.