The Executive Committee is responsible for directing the work of CCIVS in the framework of the constitution and the policies and resolutions of the GA. The composition of the EC shall ensure a proper continental and regional representation of the full member organisations of CCIVS. It meets at least once a year and is convened at the request of the President.Between the General Assemblies, the Executive Committee is responsible for directing the work of CCIVS within the framework of the Constitution and the decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly
(CCIVS Constitution, Article 19.1)

  1. Ratherford Mwaruta
  2. Rolando Kandelr
  3. Anja Stuckert
  4. Rhenelyn Queen P. Dadulo
  5. Denis Kangere Asiimwe
  6. H. Hemamali Perera (Alosha)

Internal Auditor

Presidents since 1948