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Our understanding of cultural diversity is based on UNESCO's approach of the concept. According to the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity adopted by UNESCO in 2001, it is crucial to foster awareness of the added positive value of cultural diversity.

The challenge lies in the understanding that pluralism is more than the cohabitation of various supposedly homogenous entities living side by side, but it reaches every element constituting society up to the very identity of each individual. Both societies and individuals are made of many different influences and origins, which can change during the course of time. It is by accepting this diversity and its ever changing nature that we can stop defining human relations in terms of 'us' and 'them' which induce clearly separated ethnic, religious or otherwise defined communities. Migration, trade and communication have brought the world together - and not since yesterday! Closely looking at history we realise that it is the way we are looking at the constituting elements that is changing, and not the fact that societies have always been subjects to countless influences. Many of modern day conflicts are related to the perception of identity, to the question of belonging to 'one group' or 'the other' and extremists of different sides eloquently deepen the artificial divides.

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