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Global Human Rights Week
Published : 28/10/16

The Global #HumanRights Week that we launched from the 17 to 22 October has been a collective action, in which we wanted to raise the attention of the challenges to Human Rights in many corners of the world, and to debate and make visible the alternatives and actions implemented by numerous organisations and social movements.


As we have explained these days, the Global Human Rights Week was a global event composed of local events worldwide: 13 volunteering and awareness raising events in Europe and Asia; India, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, France, UK, Hungary, Greece, Belgium, Catalonia,...), involving 13 organisations (NGO RUCHI INDIAIIWC of PKBI(特活) NICE(日本国際ワークキャンプセンター)Solidarités JeunessesVolunteer Action for PeaceEgyesek Youth AssociationIBG WorkcampsElix/ Ελιξ- Προγράμματα Εθελοντικής ΕργασίαςCompagnons BâtisseursICJA Freiwilligenaustausch weltweit (ICYE Germany)Servei Civil InternacionalCOCAT), a European-wide communication action by the @Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, strong support on the global communication by Service Civil International (SCI) and of course the support by activists and member organisations.

With this support (and we importantly want to thank also the Council of Europe and European Youth Foundation, who have supported us financially for this Week) we achieved an interesting impact for our goal to raise awareness and visibility: the hashtag we launched for the week, #OurRightsOurVoices, has had an outreach of 743.000 people, and was delivered over 1M times in timelines in Twitter. Facebook posts & tweets from the accounts of the CCIVS & Raising Peace Campaign have achieved over 130 000 reach.

We are quite satisfied with these achievements. However, of course, what we want is to look at the present and future. First of all, because the struggles and challenges on Human Rights are today as important as one week ago. Slums where our members are working keep on existing; hunger is still a daily tragedy with 25.000 people dying; still in this week no detention centres (illegal prisons for migrants) have been closed in Europe, and on the contrary the jungle of Calais is being dismantled with no clear perspectives on where people who were stuck there (seeking asylum and life opportunities we all deserve) will be displaced. Of course we count on millions of active people: social movements, organisations and activists. We believe we bring change togetherand we hope that our voice is stronger now.


We hope that our actions contributed to improve and to empower, and that our communication contributed to raise awareness on the need for action. As we kept saying, at the basis of the philosophy of the #RaisingPeaceCampaign and the Global Human Rights Week, lays the principle that only through action and commitment we will achieve the improvement of Human Rights situations worldwide. And it is necessary. And it involves all of us.

So the Week was a symbolic moment, to raise visibility and influence, but the whole year that follows is the moment for local and international work on the daily basis, with our member organisations (, with our activists, with our partners and stakeholders.

In one years time, we want to launch the Week again. We want you to join. We want to turn this dozen of events into dozens or hundreds, we want to make it more participative, and reach a higher impact, with our local actions, and with our global communication.

We expect to have you then by our side! And we want to restart the work today.

Because, as we said in the begining: Human Rights are our rights, the rights of each of us. And when we defend them, we are defending our own dignity, justice for everyone.

Thank you very much again and we keep connected!

Oriol Josa, Raising Peace Campaign Coordinator

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