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CCIVS' Member's Directory 2018
The most up to date version of our member's directory

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Non-Formal Learning Handbook for Volunteers and Volunteering Organisations
The handbook is a final project of ICYE's Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project “Volunteers at the Interface between Formal and Non-Formal Education”.

It is based on the programs and methods developed at the multiplier training in Vienna, Austria in February 2016, and the feedback received from the teachers, educators and EVS volunteers in the project. The handbook offers a selection of 40 non-formal learning methods to enhance academic achievement, intercultural learning, physical and emotional development of children and young people.

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ICYE Impact Assessment - Human Rights in Diversity
This study has been conducted within the framework of the Erasmus+ project Communicating Human Rights in Diversity. The aim was to examine the impact of the human rights learner-centred project on the volunteers (at a personal, social and cultural level).
The study explores the experiences of 18 international volunteers. The respondents were interviewed at the end of their service by project multipliers in 16 different countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

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Contact 2 Participation : Evaluation Meeting 25 - 31 May 2015, Amman – Jordan
The first stage of the project Contact 2 Participation was the contact making seminar which took place in Laguépie, France in December 2014, allowing the partner organisations to get to know each other and to share about their challenges and best practices in the field of social inclusion and active participation amongst the young people.
Then, from March to July 2015, the staff exchanges took place between all the organisations partners in the project. Allowing one organisation to go and visit another during up to 5 days, allowing a better understanding of new methodologies in youth work in order to adapt them and implement these practices within the local context.
Finally, May of 2015 was marked by the third and last stage of the project: the evaluation meeting. More than 10 partner organisations in the project gathered from 25th until 31st of May of 2015 in Amman for an evaluation meeting. The event was hosted by the Jordanian organisation “I dare for sustainable development” (Below I Dare).

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Contact 2 Participation: Contact Making Seminar 8th - 14th December 2014, Laguépie - France
The Contact Making Seminar was organised by CCIVS and Solidarités Jeunesses and hosted by Solidarités Jeunesses Midi Pyrénées Citrus, engaging fifteen participants from eleven diferente countries.

This seminar was the first stage of the project MEDA, which allowed organisations to meet, share and learn about each other’ s actions; to map different actions taking place in the EU and Southern Mediterranean countries; to create common Guidelines specific to the region and recommendations to the CCIVS Plan of Action, to improve Youth Participation and Exchange between the participating countries and regions and which could apply for the network.

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ICYE Final Activity Report: Communicating Human Rights in Diversity
ICYE Final Activity Report - KA2: Communicating Human Rights in Diversity
Training in HRE Multipliers

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SCI - Breaking Down Barriers - Memories of Volunteers with SCI
SCI - Breaking Down Barriers - Memories of Volunteers with SCI

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SIW - Handbook: organising workcamps with refugees
SIW - Handbook: organising workcamps with refugees

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YAP "Migrations Kit"
YAP "Migrations Kit"

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Sustainability Handbook for SCC Volunteers CCIVS Activity Report 2015-2016 CCIVS\' Member\'s Directory 2018
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