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Nikola comes from the small village near the High Tatras, the highest mountains of Slovakia. She devoted her university studies and work to public issues. During her studies of public policy at Comenius University in Bratislava she experienced an internship in the office of Bratislava Self-Governing Region, as well as an intern for a member of the Parliament. After graduating she joined the team of the international non-profit organization Transparency International in her country, where she spent almost four years on focusing on the fight against corruption and for more transparency in the health care sector. In Transparency, she could experience the work with volunteers. Inspiring by them and starving for abroad experience she applied for European voluntary service. She spent two months in Sofia in a non-profit organization committed to developing, improving and raising sport culture in Bulgaria. This experience encouraged her to be active after returning home. She started to help a non-profit organization, which provides programmes for young people to enhance their future potential on the labour market. Meanwhile, she attended other pieces of training supported by European Union funds.
Nikola believes that even though the individual can not fix global issues, every one of us can be part of the common effort in our own families, neighbourhoods, communities etc. She perceives volunteering as the way how society can bring the right values to the young people and build the moral integrity of the human being to be resilient to unethical practice, which harms our society in many ways.

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