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CCIVS offers the possibility to universities, foundations and entreprises to become a corresponding organisation or a sponsor of CCIVS!

• To attend the General Assembly of CCIVS as observers;
• To remain in regular contact with CCIVS;
• To participate in activities that are not reserved for members;
• To engage themselves in CCIVS as agreed upon when accepted as a corresponding organisation;
• To pay their annual membership fee.

As a corresponding organisation you can have access to International Voluntary Service (IVS) organisations all over the world, you can be kept up to date on the different activities run by the CCIVS member organisations, you can participate in activities which are open to all partners of CCIVS.

For more information on how to become a corresponding organisation please click here

CCIVS offers intercultural learning workshops for your employees.
Please find the proposal here
For more information please write to

CCIVS offers the possibilities to universities to set up innovative projects based on the values of International Voluntary Service. See our Vision & Objectives for more information.
CCIVS is currently running activities related to the study of the Impact of IVS, and is looking to create new partnerships to continue this work.
CCIVS offers the possibilities for internships in its international office in Paris.
CCIVS offers the possibility for intercultural training for university students.

Click here for an example of cooperation between Universities and CCIVS

CCIVS offers the possibility for your foundation to access international voluntary service programs. If you have a volunteer program in place CCIVS can offer support and advice to link your organisation to the international members of CCIVS. Your projects can become stronger by working in partnership with an international network with over 65 years of experience in the field and with members organisations in all continents.
To find out more information on how CCIVS can support your programs please write to:

For more information on how to become a corresponding organisation please click here


Your business could sponsor the activities of CCIVS during the year related to the thematic areas of Peace and Human Rights, Cultural Heritage, Active Participation and Social Inclusion, Poverty reduction and Health, Environment and Sustainability.
Some of the ways in which you can support CCIVS include:

• Offer free marketing space
• Offer transport or hosting costs for projects
• Offer technical support
• Offer monetary support

By sponsoring CCIVS you directly support the actions related to each thematic area of CCIVS. If there is an action which directly relates to your field of work please contact us for further information about how you can become involved. CCIVS projects span 5 continents of the world and involve thousands of people every year, especially young people and communities at risk.

CCIVS is still looking for sponsorships for his programmes. To find out more information, please contact


Specific actions for 2014:

The CCIVS year for Peace and Human Rights

• 25 young people will be trained as trainers in peace and human rights education
• 25 staff members will be trained on advocacy and networking

Our aim:
To create a collective of trainers including NGO representatives and young people who will have the vision of a common action in the field of peace and human rights and who will be skilled to run large-scale actions.

An outcome:
CCIVS plans to end the year with a Summit for Peace and Human Rights where key stakeholders from the field of Peace and Human rights will be invited to share and exchange on the important of collective actions and international voluntary service on campaigning for peace and human rights.

CCIVS is still looking for funds to run the peace summit and co-financing for the other actions!

World Heritage Volunteers -
2014 marks the campaign Action for Sustainability!
50-70 World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) workcamps will take place in Africa, Americas, Europe and Asia.
Hundreds of volunteers will mobilise and work together with local schools and communities for heritage protection.
The World Heritage Volunteers initiative is implemented by CCIVS and the World Heritage Centre - UNESCO.

WHV workcamps gather young volunteers from different countries during a given period of time to live and work together with the local population towards a common goal: WH preservation.
The protection of heritage allows volunteers involved in the project to reflect about issues related to preservation, the symbolism of the sites where they work and the way it is embedded in local traditions. Working on a concrete site and reflecting about its past, present and future function allows keeping traditions alive and re-creating lost links.

CCIVS needs support to run the planning, monitoring and evaluation meetings for this campaign in order to invite the maximum amount of people possible from all continents and to ensure the quality of the projects being run.

International Solidarity Fund
You can sponsor the active participation of young people in projects around the world by paying into our international solidarity fund. You can support the travel costs of low income organisations in low income countries to encourage the best possible representation in our meetings

CCIVS maintains:
official relations with UNESCO,
special consultative status with ECOSOC,
liasion status with FAO.

With the support of World Heritage Centre.