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How to become a member

Membership of CCIVS brings you into our worldwide network which is itself linked to other regional and international structures including those of the United Nations system. This will enable you to:

  • develop relations and joint activities with new foreign partners,
  • develop new bilateral or multilateral exchanges,
  • exchange ideas with international agencies,
  • receive information and practical advice on international organisation's programmes

CCIVS is predominantly occupied with International Voluntary Service, and the status of full member therefore requires a proof of the involvement of your organisation in sending and/or hosting international volunteers, ideally for either short-term (workcamps) or medium and long term (MLTV) programmes (Cf. Art 5.a of CCIVS constitution).

If you wish to become a member, you can apply online. After completing your application, you have to send all required documents to CCIVS secretariat via e-mail ( Please note that all the documents must be in English. Applications are considered by the CCIVS' Executive Committee (EC). The acceptance by the EC is subject to ratification by the General Assembly of CCIVS, currently taking place once every two years. The Secretariat circulates the complete application among the EC members, which takes a final decision by its next physical meeting at the latest. In case your application cannot be considered favourably, the inscription fee paid by you in advance shall be reimbursed. The administration fee is not refundable.

Online application form


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CCIVS maintains:
official relations with UNESCO,
special consultative status with ECOSOC,
liasion status with FAO.

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