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The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for directing the work of CCIVS in the framework of the constitution and the policies and resolutions of the GA. The composition of the EC shall ensure a proper continental and regional representation of the full member organisations of CCIVS. It meets at least once a year and is convened at the request of the President.

Between the General Assemblies, the Executive Committee is responsible for directing the work of CCIVS within the framework of the Constitution and the decisions and resolutions of the General Assembly
(CCIVS Constitution, Article 19.1)

CCIVS Executive Committee members 2016-18

  • President
    Ingrid Danckaerts, SCI International
    Graduaded as a social worker and a teacher, Ingrid has been involved in international volunteering for many years. She has been involved with SCI in different capacities: as a volunteer, as a staff member of VIA Belgium, as an SCI international board member and as the ex-president of SCI Catalonia. Promoting volunteering for a peaceful and just world is what drives her and what encourages her to take up this mandate in CCIVS. She is looking forward to develop connections and promote a closer co-operation between different IVS organisations in order to achieve common goals. By focussing on the thematic actions she hopes to contribute to define the spaces for common global action.
  • Vice-President and Focal point for Africa
    Kolawole Aganran, Voluntary Workcamps Association of Nigeria (VWAN)
    Kola Aganran's philosophy of voluntary service is characterized with exhibiting total selfless servie to humanity. He is a committed Social Activist and Articulate Organizer of both national and international events.
    He is a Member Board of Trustees of Voluntary Workcamps Association of Nigeria (VWAN), Executive Director of Programmes and Placement Officer (for Incoming & Outgoing Volunteers) and also serving as Secretary General of the organization - VWAN. He continue to play the role of a Relationship Officer for VWAN in all spheres of operations both on internal and external matters.
    An action oriented individual, solution driven, committed self-motivator, good team-leader and articulate speaker. As a Seasoned Volunteer Activist and Administrative Wizard, He had involved himself, at different times, in international volunteer activism and sub-regional development in voluntary service. He also served in several capacities at the Joint Consultative Forum of Africa Regional Networks and equally playing dominant roles in the sustenance of West African Voluntary Network Association (WAVAN). A member of International Africa Working Group in Europe.
    He exhibits strong commitment for International Voluntary Service and have passion for career development of youngsters with fewer opportunities and possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    Being involved in North South activities, he had worked in SCI-International Office in Antwerp as Long Term Exchange Support LTV from 1997 to 1988. This is a role of Placement Officer for Incoming Volunteers via Europe-AsiaóLatin America and Asia. He acted as facilitator in the ICT-Seminar in Togo in 2003, Non-Formal Literacy Programme of CCIVS in Kordiabe, Ghana in 2007. On Arrival Training in Togo in 2009. He was also appointed the Chief Rapppoteur / Writer at the Euro-Africa Project of CCIVS on Culture meets Concept in Kenya in 2009. Acted as reporter for CCIVS in the Pre-Departure Training in Germany anchored by IJGD.
    He took part in Culture meets Concepts Evaluation & Follow-up meeting in Barcelona, Spain at different times. His experience in voluntary service also extended to Patrimonito Projects of UNESCO in 2010 in Germany where monumental projects on World Heritage Centre were supported for implementation in Africa. He is presently in the Executive Committee of CCIVS as Focal Point for Africa.
    His hobbies include traveling, reading and sporting.

  • General Secretary

    Bogdan Imre, National Association of Etudes et Chantiers (ANEC)
    Bogdan Imre is the General Secretary of CCIVS since November 2016 and has previously served as CCIVS Programme Director (2010 - 2013) and Interim Director (2013). His career in the voluntary service field began in 2001 when he participated in a 12-month European Voluntary Service project focusing on the protection of human rights. He was active in international voluntary service organisations both at the local level, as MTP Oradea’s volunteers’ and organisation coordinator, and at international level, representing Youth Action for Peace International in the European Youth Forum’s Pool of Trainers for two consecutive mandates. He also served as a Project Officer/Executive at the Asia-Europe Foundation in Singapore (2007 - 2010) where he was in charge of youth and non-formal education activities. Currently, Bogdan is engaged in volunteering initiatives: ANEC (National Association of Etudes et Chantiers) and ParticipAction; and he acts as a freelance trainer, facilitator and coordinator, having specialised in experiential and outdoor learning, intercultural learning and organisational strategy and management.
  • Treasurer

    Rakesh Soans, Field Services and Inter-cultural Learning (FSL India)  
    Rakesh S. Soans is the full-time president of FSL India. He is a corporate philanthropist and an ardent supporter of international volunteerism. He is passionate about Volunteerism and inter-cultural learning and feels every youth should get an opportunity to experience it at least once. In mid-nineties he did his voluntary service in Denmark and since then he is in the development sector with varied capacity. In 2001, he was inducted to FSL cadre and since 2004 has been leading the organisation as President.
    He has been the principal actor in expanding the work of FSL India. Due to his dynamic leadership with conviction and commitment, over the years FSL India has grown to a new height with national and international reputation. He brought in structural changes in youth focussed LTV/MTV program, Work Camps Outbound program, and introduced self-funded home based projects with primary focus on sustainable development and environment conservation. Besides his role as Chief Functionary of the organisation, he leads FSL India team in vision building, policy and program development, liaison and network with national and international stakeholders, capacity development and training.
  • EC MEMBER and Focal Point for Asia
    Jihyun PARK, International Workcamp Organization (IWO)
    Jihyun PARK has been involved with IWO (International Workcamp Organization) since 2006. As a director for international cooperation, she has been committed in international voluntary service, international youth exchange, competency development training and community development projects engaged with international organizations and local governments, educational institutes and corporations.
    After her study on social work, holding a Master’s degree in Educational Technology, she has been specialized in youth inclusion and empowerment. She believes IVS and intercultural exchange are powerful methods to provide youth with diverse perspectives which can’t be learnt in school. 
    She is also an active member of diverse networks such as youth trainers and Korea-US women leaders. Thanks to her interests and expertise, she often delivers lectures and trainings to youth workers on project management and also to youth on global citizenship and leadership.

  • EC MEMBER and Focal Point for Europe
    Tamás Mahner, Egyesek Youth Association
    Tamás Mahner, president of Egyesek Youth Association, licensed youth worker, case manager, youth leader and entrepreneur. He has attended numerous Youth in Action and Grundtvig trainings: personal development, communication, coaching, media, sports, outdoor. He has over 6 years experience in rural and international youth work, regarded as an expert by local stakeholders in Nógrád county, Hungary. Tamás has coordinated more than 12 successful Youth in Action and Erasmus+ projects, mainly short- and long-term EVS and youth initiatives improving the media literacy of less-opportunity youth and children in an innovative and integrative way. He as well led a long-term NGO capacity building project under the Norway and EEA civic grants. His expertise are volunteer management, NGO and community development, non-formal and media literacy education for less-opportunity youngsters. He is leading 2-3 workcamps annually as well within the networks of CCIVS and Alliance. Tamás also takes part in the accreditation process of EVS hosting placements in Hungary as an expert.

  • EC MEMBER and Focal Point for America
    Rocio Ruete, SES foundation
    Rocio is part of Fundación SES (Subir al Sur) for 4 years. Student of Cinema specialized in teaching and education. Coordinated several succesfull workcamps held in Argentina, participated in many Youth exchanges and programmes both national and international. Is in charge of the incoming and the training of the LMTV volunteers. She has lots of experience in volunteer management, non formal education, and development of youth organizations and projects for the inclusion of youngsters living in vulnerable conditions.

    Alfred Ohene-Akonor, Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana (VOLU)
    Alfred is an International Development expert with a Master of Science (MSc. Environmental Policy) degree from the University of London. He also holds a postgraduate Diploma in International and Development Studies, with a specialisation in Development and Technical Cooperation, from the University of Toulouse 1, France. He is now professionally engaged with migrant associations, providing technical project management support within the context of decentralised international cooperation. He is passionate in the cross-cultural exchange and learning; solidarity and development sectors with over 30 years’ experience in the international voluntary service movement. Alfred is an active member of the Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana (VOLU) since 1982, where he has participated and led several international workcamps. In 1990-91, he also participated in SCI short-term workcamps in Switzerland and Germany, and further as a medium-term volunteer (MTV) to coordinate the Namibia “Breaking Free” campaign in UK. Currently, Alfred is the National Vice-Chairman of VOLU responsible for organisational development policy, and international relations. He is always excited to be part of this satisfying experience of working with international volunteer groups on development service programmes, and share the values of free will, commitment, engagement and solidarity that volunteers uphold to support human development globally. Selfless attitude and a service spirit, high sense of duty and attention to details, and a constant desire to reach set targets are additional personal qualities that Alfred brings to CCIVS to strengthen its executive team of experts working on sustainable development programmes to enhance its vision of social justice, peace, and progress.
    As of 2016, he has been appointed as the internal auditor of the network.


PRESIDENTS since 1948

L. Meilink
(president of Conference)
Willy Begert
(president of Conference)
Dorothea Woods 1951
Maurice Tadier 1952
Ethelwyn Best 1952/3
Jacqueline Aviet 1953/4
Dorothy Abbott 1954/5
Louise Kachel 1955
Wilbur Mullen 1956
Jean-Michel Bazinet 1957
Erwin Goering 1958
Nicholas Paster 1959-1962
Roger Briottet 1962-1964
Hans-Peter Mueller 1964-1967
Frank Judd 1967-1970
Archie Le Mone 1970-1975
Guillermo Giacosa 1975-1977
Rao Chelikani 1977-1992
Thierry Picquart 1992-1998
Gianni Orsini 1998-2004
Shinichiro Kaizawa 2004-2007
Jinsu Yom 2007-2012
Matina Deligianni 2012-2016
Ingrid Danckaerts 2016-
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