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Founded in 1945, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - UNESCO is a specialised agency of the UN.

CCIVS maintains formal consulting relations of association with UNESCO. It means that UNESCO can take advantage of CCIVS’ specific competences as consulting body on particular issues, such as non formal education, intercultural dialogue, youth, sustainable development. It also means that CCIVS can practically contribute to the development of UNESCO’s programme on the common issues.

The World Heritage Volunteers

The World Heritage Volunteers campaign is coordinated by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in cooperation with Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service CCIVS. It aims to mobilize youth NGOs operating in the non-formal sector for World Heritage promotion and preservation through involvement in international voluntary work.

The project explores opportunities for a dynamic dialogue between volunteers and youth groups and heritage & education experts involved in the promotion and protection of the selected World Heritage sites. It demonstrates the merits of non-formal education as an approach to disseminate the heritage values and expertise to a large public and to young people in particular.

Each project is organized by a local youth organization or NGO. They determine the project goals and activities in collaboration with the partners (the local community, site management and local authorities and stakeholders), train work camp leaders and host international volunteers. Activities themselves are undertaken by young volunteers, aged 18 to 30 years, coming from different countries.

The youth action camps generally last between two to four weeks and accommodate between ten to thirty volunteer participants; they involve young people to undertake concrete action and to play an active role in the promotion and preservation of World Heritage.

To know more about the World Heritage Volunteers campaign visit our website


The Joint Programmatic Commission on Youth

CCIVS is a founding member of the Joint Programmatic Commission on Youth. It was created during the International Conference of NGOs that took place from 14th to 16th December 2005 in Paris, with the explicit support of the UNESCO Youth Section. The JPC is composed of coordination bodies and networks of large numbers of national and regional organisations all around the world. The work of these organisations 'on the ground' is various, as well as their member's profiles. The NGOs of the JPC work with and for young people using non formal education as methodology to develop ideas and activities for them.

NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee

CCIVS is a member of the NGO-UNESCO Liaison Committee. The Committee represents the NGOs having official relations with UNESCO. Its aims are to promote the cooperation among NGOs and to make effective the relations between UNESCO and NGOs. The Committee also encourages UNESCO’s concern for NGOs’ interests and opinions in the organisation of the most important world conferences at UN.

To know more about the NGO-UNESCO Liason Committee visit their website

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CCIVS maintains:
official relations with UNESCO,
special consultative status with ECOSOC,
liasion status with FAO.

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