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STEP Training in Europe

The fourth and last training of the STEP project took place in Macedonia from the 26th to the 31st of February 2018. This training was hosted by the CCIVS member organisation CID: Center for Intercultural Dialogue and welcomed participants from European organisations. The participants were from 6 different organisations from Europe:  Concordia (FRANCE)  Egyesek (HUNGARY) […]

STEP Training in Latin America

The STEP training in America took place in August, with the presence of 2 expert trainers and one member of the Steering Team who was coming from the CCIVS. The different participants will come from 5 countries from Latin America which are :  BVBP (PERU)  Chiriboga (ECUADOR)  SES (ARGENTINA)  ACI (COSTA RICA)  SUIIJUVE MExico   […]

STEP Training in Asia

The second STEP took place in the middle of august, in Cambodia. 2 expert trainers present during this training where Alliance was the representant of the Steering Team for the report. The different participants will come from the countries presented below :  Better World (SOUTH KOREA)  Ruchi (INDIA)  VSA (THAILAND)  SCI (HONG KONG)   CYA […]

News from January 2018

There is something amazing in the CCIVS which is about gathering so much diversity: cultural, organisational, geographical,… in just one movement; with similar goals and vision, but so many different realities. The CCIVS is in over 90 countries (how many languages do we speak, how different are our lives, our conditions…) and however we consider […]

STEP Training in Africa

The regional training in Africa took place in Ghana and was hosted by the CCIVS member organisation VOLU from the 21st to the 26th of May 2017. The participants came from different partner organisations involved in this regional STEP  which are :  VOLU (GHANA)  VWAN (NIGERIA)  ASTOVOT (TOGO)  ADCDD ( DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO)  UPA […]

STEP Kick off Meeting, Paris

STEP is an ambitious 2-year project coordinated by CCIVS and focused on capacity training, need assessment and impact measurement. What makes this project special is the fact that it will involve 4 big networks (SCI, Alliance, NVDA, ICYE) and that its activities will have a global dimension: the 4 trainers Oriol, Francesco, Matina and Sam […]