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Dreams’ School – Camp X

لقراءة المقال باللغة العربية، اضغط هنا The original article is written in Arabic by OMARSAMEER HERE A group of volunteers from Jordan and Palestine took the initiative to start a voluntary trip for 3 days, visiting refugee camps in Jordan. Omar Sameer is one of the volunteers who participated in this trip; he is currently […]

مدرسة الأحلام – X مخيم

You can find the English translation version HERE الألوان مسيطرة على المكان، الألعاب والزينة المعلّقة كذلك.. العيون البريئة المتعطّشة للمعرفة والاستكشافات يسكنها هدوء غريب.. هدوء مشابه تماما للذي يملأ المكان بعد ضجيج القصف الدّامي. انكسر الصمت بفعل ابتسامات خفيفة تهمّ بكشف دخولي من ذلك الباب الصّغير عنوة على طلّاب يقدّمون امتحانا، وبعد سماح المعلّمة X […]

Who does the sea belong to?

The Palestinian question has always been one of the most important issues I have been following and on which I have always known well to take a stand on which side. I have always had so many questions and I really wanted answers, doubts I wanted to clarify, to discuss especially with the people who […]

A Piece of Identity

Mask Culture : in the Amazighe Community: Reality and Future perspectives By Rachid MOUTCHOU I.      Introduction Intangible cultural heritage is an integral part of the popular memory of worldwide communities. It is a spiritual legacy that requires quality and meaningful attention and protection to avoid dooming to death over time. Due to the absence of […]

The Game on the closed Balkan Route

The Balkan Route was declared closed in 2016 after that European States signed a deal with Turkey to stop those people coming to Greece. During the previous year around 1 million refugees flooded into Europe through Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia. The deal was signed and the migrants’ routes and media focus […]

un conte de faits

Elle se tenait devant son miroir. Silouhette élancée témoignant le reste d’une beauté ravageuse qui jadis avait fait trébucher son cœur. Elle se regardait, me regardait, caressant sa chair tendre d’enfant, parsemée d’ecchymoses. Elle me regarda, me lanca un petit sourire hésitant, tremblant, à peine visible, cherchant à me rassurer. Mais nous savions toutes les […]


                      أنا جورب الجميلة المنسي في غياهب الدرج ، ذاك أنها تقول أنها كانت دوما تشعر بأننا ثقل علی قدميها، خاصة بعد أن تمشي بنا بضعة خطوات في غرفتها التي تتقن صبغ البيض منا بالاسود وتحيل السود منا بيضًا! كانت تشعر أننا نمنع الهواء عن قدميها، ونسلبهما حرية البرد أو الشعور بالحر، بل وقد نتعدی […]