Who does the sea belong to?

The Palestinian question has always been one of the most important issues I have been following and on which I have always known well to take a stand on which side. I have always had so many questions and I really wanted answers, doubts I wanted to clarify, to discuss especially with the people who live every day the conflict. Finally, during a training course on media applied to Peace and Human Rights in Hollokò, Hungary, I had the occasion to meet two palestinians who live on opposite sides of the checkpoint. I could finally know how people live in Palestine, what people would like to accomplish in their life and what they would obtain from those who live on the other side. We spoke about the future and the past, prisons, and freedom. We said goodbye in tears and with the promise, we will see each other soon, that time in Palestine. “You have a home in Palestine now, Klevi, or better, a FAMILY waiting for you” – told me Ibrahim, from the west bank. I was really wondering how is even possible that two persons, with the same nationality and identity, had so different lives: two persons coming from the same country had different possibilities, only because they live in two different sides of the checkpoint. One person can watch the sea every day and the other can constantly dream about it.


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Where do you live?

Umm El Fahem Palestine 48 area

Hebron, West Bank, Palestine

You are from



What ID card do you have?



What does this document change  in your life?

Nothing, it is just a piece of paper, what changes a lot is living in Israeli and being educated by Israeli rules. Actually, at school, from the first class, we have a subject named “How to be a citizen in Israel” that affects a lot our identity.  This subject teaches to everyone that Israel is the best place to live, especially much better than the Arab countries and especially much better than Palestine.  They show to the students how much the Israel  soldiers are looking only for justice and the situation is  something  normal. They show to the students that people are very happy, that Israel is “occupying” and so, everyone works and live together happily. This subject helps to affect Palestinian in 48 area to work in Israeli military service. But they never put Arabs in the first places and important roles. How can Israeli trust someone who cheated on his land?

Nothing because I am Palestinian.  We have the same subject at school as well in West Bank but it is kind of controlled by Israel and the story is told by a different point of view than the Palestinian one. However, we don’t need books to talk about Palestine and the occupation.  One day my teacher came at class and he was really upset because in one of the checkpoints, the door wasn’t well opened and it was difficult to go the other side and go to work. The problem is that no one could touch the door and open it because he or she will be shot by a sniper. He and everyone passing through that checkpoint felt humiliated, as it was difficult to go through in a normal way. Then, from that situation, he just started telling the whole story, different from the books, and started talking about the Intifada and the story of Palestine.

What is your favourite place to visit?



Can you get there easily?

Yes, I can, I just need to buy the ticket and get directly there. There is a direct flight to France!

 It is difficult to get there because I need a visa and it is really difficult to get it. It takes lot of time, you need a lot of documents and it is a long procedure for it. But first of all, you must apply for a permission to get to Israel, so you can go to apply for a visa in the embassy. They can even deny the permission to go to Israel or you a can have a  “5 hours permission” to do everything. When  applied for the visa to Sweden, I asked to the Swedish embassy to send me a invitation letter to go to Israel, so I could reach the Swedish embassy to apply for the visa.

What do you think about Israel?

It is an apartheid government, Israel is   behind all our sufferance. I don’t like to live there, but I don’t want to leave my land as well.

Israel is an illusory country, because it is built in the Palestinian territory. I don’t believe in Israel, I don’t believe in that country and the value they say they bring to people. They have to stop killing and destroying everything   and they have to give back what have been taken from us.

What is your biggest dream?

To get back to the village where my grandfather was sent away from his house in Lajan village, I’d love to go back and live there.

To move free  in Palestine. As Palestinian, I need a special permission from Israel to get in Jerusalem and to the other occupied territory, I can’t see the Palestinian sea and go to the cost, I’ve been many times in Europe to see the sea  and the ocean, but being on the  Palestinian sea it is something really different, we as Palestinians are struggling to go there, one of my main dreams that I want to achieve to as all the Palestinians.
I hope that all our Palestinian refugees in the world will come back to their houses and to our land  one day.

We are Palestinian and we are peaceful, we don’t want wars and problems, we just want to have  back  what has been taken from us, and I want to invite all the world in Palestine to see exactly what is going on, to listen to the story and to watch much better than hearing it from media and whatever media is supporting. Everyone from all over the world is welcome. May peace be upon all the countries and places, and may be we all forget about wars,  I  hope the occupation will end,  all the prisoners will go back to their family and children, I hope justice will be in Palestine and all over the world, hope that every young person who lost his family members or friends be as much patient as possible, to be peaceful for what he lost, I hope he could be able to see the Palestinian sea freely. I hope one day we will talk about occupation as page in history.

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