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65 years of action

CCIVS celebrates 65 years of action in 2013, the last big celebrations for the network was in 2008 when CCIVS celebrated its 60th anniversary, in correspondence with the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The year was a moment of flashback in order to remember the initial roots and values of voluntary service, which are closely linked to the roots of the birth of the European institutions. During these 60 years the world has changed. The 20th century was an era of “revolution” in the social, political and economical fields. International Voluntary Service followed and often anticipated civil society’s development, representing a very active component in its progress and transformation. The celebrations for the 60th anniversary thus seemed to offer the ideal occasion to explore with a publication how CCIVS projects, using International Voluntary Service as the main tool, successfully managed to adapt over the decades to the changing social, cultural and geographical contexts. “The power of action: how voluntary service contributes to human rights education and intercultural learning” shows how in its first 60 years CCIVS based all its actions on Human Rights principles and constitutes therefore a microcosm where it is possible to experience and experiment an international society based on equality, mutual cooperation, participation, respect and non-discrimination.

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